Alf Ari Review

ALF is the new black



Okay, let's talk baby bags. I have gone through a few baby bags now over the years I just hadn't found that 'one'>> the perfect bag for me.. I am stoked to say I have now found the most amazing, quality bag and I will never stray from Alf!
When I was pregnant with my first I looked at soooo many bags…. Went to a lot of baby shops to have a look in person, stalked online stores- googled images (I like to see the insides too)… watched YouTube clips of bag reviews. But nothing really ever jumped out at me.
This bag is my 5th!!! In 4 years… and I'm happy to say, my last. – If for any reason I did NEED another bag I spent a week flicking back and forth between the Ari and the Stella- so should I ever have to buy another bag for whatever reason, I'll be giving the Stella a shot 😍
What am I loving about the Alf Ari?
These bags are amazing quality.. The leather is high end, super smooth and stunningly stylish.
The finish is fab, the minor details are superb. Even the stitch is on point. The inside is wipeable 🙌🏻👏🏻and I'm a sucker for practicality.. And this baby ticks every box! So I'm going to walk you through my Alf Ari Black Spot…….
So starting with the straps- you get a long, strong, beautiful leather strap that compliments your bag nicely, I'm a strap girl- I love it. There is also a cute little handle at the top on the rear if you wanted to carry handbag style. I also got the pram straps as I like to have my bag easily accessible on the handle bar. They again are fantastic quality and as a real bonus. They are detachable so all good to slip inside the bag when not in use.
The outside of the bag is so smooth and sexy! What sucked me into the Ari was the hood flap, it's a pocket! 👏🏻 very clever Alf! It's large and is good for holding an extra nappy or papers.. There is a deep zipped pocket on the back that I keep my purse and phone in so I can get to them quickly. It would hold more though…. A very good size.
Then the beautiful silky cow hide along the bottom is so soft and adds a great texture- a wonderful, beautiful feature.
The base of the bag has studs so all good to put down on a wall knowing the base is protected. It also comes with a large wipeable change mat 👌🏻
Okay- now to the inside.
The large interior boasts ample storage, *yay!
On the back of the inside there is a large sized zipped pocket, then an open pocket that I usually keep tissues, lips balm, hand cream etc. in.. But can also fit baby essentials. I.e., nappies, cream, bags. On the front of this pocket is another two smaller pockets.. A phone holder and another one slightly larger next to it. Great for kids snack bars etc.
The the main compartment is very generous area where I keep all the baby stuff! Change clutch with baby things in, change mat, spare clothes, toys, food- it holds it all! There's also a long key/dummy strap. It's long enough that you don't need to rummage around inside. I just stick my hand in and can pull keys out straight away.
Then on the rear of the inside there is another large zipped pocket great for keeping little fingers out. Then three bottle pockets. One is insulated.
What don't I love about it? Hmmmmm… absolutely 100% nothing!
I haven't been this in love with a brand since.. No, I won't compare because in all honesty, I can't!
I'll admit it.. I'm in love! I'm giving the Alf black spot Ari baby bag a 10/10! 🙌🏻❤️

Love & Peace
Jemma xx


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