When your heart stops..

This beer was #needed! After losing our little girl at a very crowded fair for what seemed an eternity.. but was probably 15-20 mins (long enough!) we were in panic mode! Have you ever felt that feeling..? Your world just stops! There is chaos around you but nothing like what’s in your head. Just breathing is hard enough. Turns out she was in a bouncy slide & was stuck at the top (inside where we couldn’t see) & was too scared to come down. There was about 7 inflatable slide all next to each other – I went to put rubbish in the bin & hubby had was tending to Mr M. Miss I had jumped in one & neither of us saw her go & a quiet, no ques event turned into a mammoth packed free for all in minutes. It was so scary! But, she’s safe.. & I guzzled that schooner & a few more down! Now my question is… what devices are there out there that we can communicate with? A watch of some sort? For a 5 yr old….. I never want to feel that feeling again.

What pedestal ?

A very personal blog post.

Gritty, hmm.. Honest..? Absolutely.


I learned recently that someone I had met has a very open opinion about me.. And that’s fine, everyone is different. I definitely don’t aim to please everyone.. Because you can’t! I used to walk on egg shells around everyone.. Everyone! I used to get so hurt if someone thought I was rude, too loud, too quiet, too happy, too sad.. See where I’m going here.. No matter who you are.. Even if you’re the most loving person in the world you will never please everyone. Parenthood has definitely toughened me up. I have a voice now and am comfortable to say no when I feel I need to. This used to be a major issue for me, I was worried id upset someone by saying no. Not anymore, because guess what. People get upset anyway!

So this person who I had only met a couple of times and quite frankly, if they were sitting in a room with me I wouldn’t recognize them.. Not because they are nothing to me! Because I had only met them once or twice before.. Briefly.. Plus, I have a shocking memory, I’m usually preoccupied with my children, am deep in thought or hell.. I just want to be quiet for a couple of minutes. BUT if I had seen them, and had recognized them, I definitely would have gone and said hello. (In fact, I did! Once my husband had pointed them out to me) But apparently that was too late and you saw me first.. I didn’t see you at this point and had walked on by. This makes me an entitled bitch which you are quite happy to share this opinion you have formed on me to everyone.

Now, love..

I’m the most optimistic person you’ll ever meet.
I always look on the bright side.

I come from a small council estate in the UK. Unless you’ve lived this you have no idea. Your mates and your area code are your family and identity.
(My childhood was bloody awesome.. I respect my roots.. But still, unless you’ve been there..) I am not on a pedestal.

I was bullied at school. I am not on a pedestal.

I was abused as a teen. I am not on a pedestal.

I emigrated to the other side of the world at 15, leaving everything I knew, my friends.. Some of my family. I was told after I had finished school in the UK and had the taste of freedom working for 6 months that year 12 is mandatory here in Australia and I need to complete it (absolute waste of time and money) I am not on a pedestal.

I have plenty of other things I can add in here, but I will wrap it up. I am not on a pedestal.

I don’t have a fucking pedestal.

I am strong!

Stronger than you and your weak minded opinions.

I love my life because I appreciate it. I know how lucky I am. This does not make me a princess.

I didn’t see you… I’m a bitch… ? hmm, no I think not.

Less judging people, give people space, time and understanding before forming an opinion on them.

Peace and Cheers to the lovers not the haters ✌🏼


That ‘oh no’ feeling

When that overwhelming ‘oh no’ feeling comes over you. I’d like to say I’m glad it wasn’t my kids, but it really didn’t matter who’s kids they were. They were kids! And we recently found ourselves in the right place at the right time! Safe to say I’ve been holding on to my guys like a mumma koala bear recently!

So, this happened last weekend.. We were on our way home & saw some local kids, probably around 7 & 4.. selling homemade lemonade, lemon Jam & huge lemons! We drove past them a couple of days before then too & that day we decided to stop in & support their little very cute business venture! So we turned the car around & headed back. We had to drive past them again to make a second turn to get back to their house. When we made the second turn there was a man in his mid to late 50s sitting in his car in the middle of the road acting erratically, hitting his car door from within his seat.. back fisting it, jumping around shaking the he car & just looked very dodgy!! At the time we thought at first that we was high on something.. Now we look back hubby & I both think he was psyching himself up! He was in a white Mitsubishi Magna. It had a red P plate wedged in his rego plate with rear window stickers reading 69 on the right & something like WPE on the left. He was dirty looking, long scraggly hair.

We pulled in behind him to make our turn & he drove off…. in front of us. This horrible feeling swept over me thinking I hope he wasn’t going back to get Lemonade too! Those kids were out he front by themselves & I wouldn’t want him approaching my children. Sure enough. He pulled in at their stand. I told my hubby to pull over quick. My stomach was churning. I just knew there was something about him.. & my husband confirmed he had the same feeling. I was so worried about the kids I got out of the car quick & forgot my phone & didn’t get a photo of him or his rego.. (I know- I’m still kicking myself) He bought a 50c lemon for $5 note & stroked the girls (around 4yrs old) arm. Then he stared at me in a really pissed off way. Got in his car & sped off with his arm out of the window flipping the bird & beeping his horn. Surely if he was there with good intentions he wouldn’t have acted this way?

I made my purchase to these beautiful, very friendly children. I hung around to see A. If the man came back.. B. I could see their parents watching me from in the house as I ha been hanging around now trying to get their attention. I was about to go to their front door when the dad came out. He was very suspicious with me… but I & wanted to tell them what we witnessed. I asked to speak to him out of earshot of the kids to let him know about the man.

This was in Charlestown, NSW

Be aware of this man! I got a good description of him & his car. I called the police the following morning incase he was already on their radar. Hopefully it was enough. But I know.. turning around when we did on THAT day was the universe watching out for those children.

Share & just be aware.

It just takes a second to lose everything.

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When was the last time you had “me-time” and how did you spend that time?

My last me-time was when I had my hair done for the first time in 6 months on Thursday. Not only was my hair due for a freshen up, I was due for a time out! Time to myself (although I did end up taking my work with me as it was a few hours to sit and actually think for a couple of hours. I really wanted to take advantage of the quiet time) Also, I attended the @mums.and.co get together in Sydney recently. It was a fantastic escape… But also a wonderful opportunity to network, learn and grow. I stayed the night down there and had dinner with a friend before having a mini pamper session by myself in the hotel room. So needed.

What are some of your favourite ways to practice self care?

Self care for me is just the little things like taking the kids for a walk. Fresh air seriously does wonders for the soul. Especially if surrounded by trees or salt air… or even something as small as having a coffee and a non guilty insta scroll timeout. We are mums 24/7, me-time is important too!

What advice would you give to mamas struggling to create “me-time”? How do you make time in your schedule for yourself?

I honestly believe it’s an absolute must to find something for you! A coffee, a walk, a drive… a hobby, a sport. Drawing, sewing… exercising or even a cheeky brunch with the girls. You are important and you are allowed time to recover and just be for a while. Find time for you.

See more like mine >> https://www.instagram.com/mamasmetime


Mums with hustle


I’m always that one who needs a project- but this year I decided to take on more than one.. and amongst the ongoing ‘wholly shit’ moments I’m absolutely loving it. I love being busy, although I make time to chill out too. I think mentally it’s important to just call time out every now and then. So, after starting up a branch off my husbands fitness kickboxing program (I created and designed the mums and bubs program) that got me hungry to get back into work. At this point we had a baby girl and I was back in work as a karate instructor. But the class times were clashing with dinner, bath and bed routine which are just too important I really wanted to be there for them. I wanted to kiss my child goodnight every night. So I had to take a back seat with my passion of martial arts. But with the kickboxing I designed the classes for mums with bubbas looking to get into shape and get fit whilst having fun punching and kicking! Who doesn’t love that right!? The classes are at 10am and we have locations Australia wide now. ( myfitnesskickboxing ) I loved the planning phase – every project I take on I find that but the most fun. Then we fell pregnant with our son and I took mat leave but then decided that since I had cover – and hadn’t really had much mat leave with our daughter, this time I just wanted to be mum for a while. Loved it. Being a mum is the most rewarding, fun, draining, fabulous, utterly exhausting, sometimes lonely gig there is. I started up my blog after around 9 months as a escape really. A chance to put my thoughts out there and communicate with people. I love helping other people in business so I’d find Instagram mums with businesses or blogs and just do random shout outs- loved seeing their numbers grow and getting to know them behind the scenes also. I love the insta world and everything that goes on behind it. The friendships I have made through my newymummyblogger page are fabulous and there one group that have stuck together for over a year now and it’s just a nice escape to jump in and chat to them. Have you found your own little / big community through Insta?

But after a 6 months of that I found myself wanting more… a new project! So I’ve taken up photography- love love love snapping away everyday. Yes, I’m that annoying person! Yeh, sorry not sorry!

And then decided to smash a goal from 10 years ago- open my own coffee shop! And I have! It’s called maxyandmimicoffeeshop and It’s been really well received and having so much fun with it. The planning, set up, menu, drinks, design.. everything. I have loved every stress filled moment! I think I have aged 5 years this year alone but onwards and upwards and still have so many more things on my list to conquer. But for now I’m quite content getting back into blogging, from my very own coffee shop and I have a great space to study too! On top of it all I’m extremely lucky that my amazing staff have just stepped up and have clicked straight away. They are fab together and are all excited and wanting to learn and grow. Which has meant that I can actually already step back and take on the owner seat and have my supervisors take the lead! My hubby and I are very fortunate that between us and our businesses one of us is free to have the kids. So tonight.. I’m great full. My brain is scattered, my eyes are oh so tired but my heart and soul are singing.

I’m looking forward to blogging again soon! Thanks for reading my looooooong ass drool fed post! The moral of my story is- reach for your dreams, grab them. Hold them tight and smash them! Go for it.. aim high… what’s in your way?

Jemma x


You know that fabulous feeling when you’re enjoying a steamy (if anything like me scolding) hot shower.. and you’re taking your time washing your hair while your baby is sleeping… then you hear them screaming! Your hair is full of shampoo and you quickly rush to get it all out.. Realizing after that you did not get it all.. Thinking you could be a world class figure skater from how you preform not stacking it arse over tit scrambling about on the soapy wet floor only to find your gorgeous little bubba still sound asleep.. and now you’re a hot mess- do you dare go back in? Because you know as soon as you step in- you will hear that phantom scream again!

Well- I have the answer- the hack!!!

You may already know this, but I didn’t!

After 5 years of interrupted showers and tangled hair …. Get this, you simply put your baby monitor in a zip lock bag and place it on the shelf in the shower!!!  you can see bub- and you might actually get to enjoy a nice steamy hot hot HOT lonnnnng shower  Amazing right!!!

⁃ You’re welcome… and enjoy!

Tag any new mummas or expecting mummas in my post on my Insta feed so they can take advantage of this too!

Jemma xx

It’s your life- make it beautiful

We get so caught up in living our lives. Do you stop and take in just how beautiful life is and how lucky we are. Your life really is a open book, you write the pages. Make it a masterpiece that contains joy, romance and emotion x x

let yourself feel – embrace it 💗

It’s so important to live in the now and love it! ✌🏼